Ubifoam 175

Ubifoam 175 – a medium molecular weight polymeric defoamer used in various coating systems and pigment pastes. It is an emulsifiable product. It actively prevents the formation of bubbles during the application of paints. It effectively prevents possible air trapping during production processes such as mixing and pumping. It is highly compatible with aqueous systems. Does not contain silicone.


Product Description

Technical Features:

Chemical base polymeric carrier, oily polymers;
Color, Appearance white to light yellow liquid;
pH 7±2
Density, g/cm³ 0,85±0,1
Active article content, (%) 98±1
Viskozite 25°С, (mPa•s) 150-1500



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Scope of application

  • In aqueous interior paints;
  • In aqueous exterior paints;
  • Highly filled and highly pigmented watercolors;
  • In aqueous systems based on polyvinyl acetate, polyacrylic and styrene/acrylic homopolymer or copolymer;
  • In plasters, in primers; in sealants.


  • Compatible with most mineral fillers, pigments and aqueous dispersions;
  • It has a high degree of antifoam ability;
  • It creates an emulsion on its own;
  • Easily added to watercolors and varnishes thanks to auxiliary surfactants;
  • Improves storage stability of highly pigmented emulsion paints;
  • Does not distort the appearance of the surface;
  • Storage stability is high.


Defoamer Ubifoam 175 can be added at the rate of 0.1-0.5% of the total mass of the watercolor.


It is recommended to introduce the defoamer Antifoam 175 in two stages: the first part before the filler and pigments are introduced into the system, the second part at the final stage of paint production.

Compatibility with other additives

Defoamer Ubifoam 175 is compatible with most of the various additives used in watercolors.


The composition of the paint and the dosage of the additive should be determined by laboratory tests.


Additive can be supplied in bulk. Additionally, it is possible to supply in the following ways:
In 26 kg drum;
In 190 kg plastic barrel;
850 kg IBC in tank.

Storage and expiration date

It should be stored at temperatures between +1°С and +30°С. There may be slight decomposition during long-term storage, which does not affect the quality of the defoamer. To eliminate this, simply mix the defoamer. Expiration date is 12 months from the date of production in the original sealed packaging under specified storage conditions.

Security measures

When applying the defoamer Ubifoam 175, it is necessary to use protective clothing, gloves, glasses and masks and comply with industrial safety rules. Direct contact with eyes and skin should be avoided during storage and use. In case of swallowing, seek medical help immediately. It should be kept away from food.