Disperol® 200 F – is used to wet and disperse inorganic and organic pigments and fillers in aqueous systems and to stabilize emulsion paints. It prevents thickening. Increases storage stability of highly pigmented emulsion paints.



Product Description

Technicial Specifications:

Chemical base mono and diesters of phosphoric acid;
Color, Appearance viscous oily liquid from light yellow to dark brown;
pH 2-5
Density, g/cm³ 0,95±0,1
Active article content, (%) 98±2



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Scope of application

  • In organic pigment pastes;
  • In inorganic pigment pastes;
  • In carbon black systems;
  • In polyvinyl acetate, polyacrylic and styrene/acrylic homopolymer or copolymer based aqueous systems, and in alkyd and polyester based aqueous systems


  • Compatible with most mineral-based fillers and pigment types;
  • Its dispersion effect is high;
  • The dispersing effect is rapid;
  • Provides uniform colloidal distribution of particles;
  • Effectively prevents particles from agglomerating and settling;
  • Increases the brightness and color intensity of pigments;


The dosage of the dispersant depends on the type of pigment and is determined only by laboratory methods.


Disperol® 200F is compatible with most of the various additives used in water dispersion systems.


The composition of the paint and the dosage of the additive should be determined by laboratory tests.


Additive can be supplied in bulk. Additionally, it is possible to supply in the following ways:
In 30 kg drum;
In 200 kg plastic barrel;
In 1000 kg IBC tank.

Storage and expiration date

It should be stored at temperatures between 0°С and +30°С. Expiration date is 12 months from the date of production in the original sealed packaging under specified storage conditions.

Security Precautions

When applying Disperol® 200F, it is necessary to use protective clothing, gloves, glasses and masks and comply with industrial safety rules. Direct contact with eyes and skin should be avoided during storage and use. In case of swallowing, seek medical help immediately. It should be kept away from food.